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Working with us

Prince Erachem employs 600 people worldwide.

Prince Erachem employees are at the heart of the company's success, they are the most valuable resource. Financially solid, with 5 production facilities in Europe, North America, Central America, and China, Erachem is constantly seeking quality talent.

Entrepreneurial Mentality

In all our businesses we recruit passionate and curious people, quick to take on challenges and work in innovative ways. An ieal employee is open-minded, interested in team-work, and prepared to share the company's common values of professionalism, expertise, loyalty, and respect for others.

Prince Erachem offers continuous training in order to invest in employee development.

As an international company, we are committed to offer new challenges and opportunities to employees that align with Prince Erachem's development strategy and the employee's personal objectives. 

Diverse Workforce

Thanks to our 5 plants and offices, in 4 different countries, we are able to have a diverse workforce and our employees are able to interact with many different cultures. Prince Erachem is a growing and dynamic global company with exciting opportunities for a diverse group of employees.