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Working with us

ERACHEM supplies more than 400 clients, and provides the highest performance Manganese chemicals worldwide. Supplying numerous industries, we commit ourselves to always provide the highest quality product responding to our customers’ needs, while respecting the environment.

We employ 600 people worldwide. ERACHEM employees are at the heart of the company and of our success. The quality of our workforce is a rich resource that we aim to increase.

Financially solid, with our 5 production facilities in Europe, North America, Central America and China, we constantly seek for new talents, being ready to handle the challenges of tomorrow.

A relatively small structure for a good working atmosphere

In all our businesses, we recruit passionate and curious people, quick to take up challenges and push the boundaries. They are open-minded, interested in team-work and prepared to share the common values of Professionalism, Expertise, Ability, Loyalty and Respect for Others. These men and women accompany the Group’s development, wherever our ambitions take us.

We offer continuous Training, a key part of our Human Resources Policy, which allows our employees to develop. We also increasingly work in project teams giving our employees the opportunity to constantly expand their skills.

As an international and diversified company, we are committed to offer new challenges and opportunities to our employees, fitting our development strategy as well as their personal objectives. Thanks to our worldwide presence and our broad and diversified range of products, each one of our employees is able to pursue the ambition of evolving in one of our other departments, or change his/her field of operations.

 Diversity of profiles



Thanks to our 5 plants and offices, based in 4 countries, lots of our employees interact with many different cultures. The group also offers opportunities to evolve in different geographical areas and fields.

We are committed to continuous improvement regarding our manufacturing process, our products, and this also applies to our employees, by placing training at the heart of our approach.

We constantly pursue a level of excellence and are open to any new applicant who recognizes himself or herself in our company project and values.