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Traceability for Agrochemicals

ERACHEM is a global player in the production and distribution of Manganese feed additives. We supplement the diet of 50% of animals raised in Europe and North America.

The quality of our ore: a key advantage

ERACHEM acts therefore as a responsible and exemplary actor in the feed chain.

It all begins with the Manganese ore. Ours is mined in Gabon, from our own deposits, which are naturally high in manganese content and low in heavy metals. The ore is in our custody from the mine to the processing facility, whether it is processed at Tertre (BEL), Tampico (MEX), or Baltimore (USA). It is quality tested in our state-of-the-art labs by skilled chemists, and delivered to the customer.

Proactively meeting stringent international standards,
Testament of quality for our clients

We use the highest manufacturing standards for consistent quality.  We strictly observe all environmental best practices so that we both protect the environment and sustain our business.

Our Tertre facility committed voluntarily in the establishment by an auto-control system based on best-practices guidance recognized as GMP certification.

European and more recently American food safety regulations are largely inspired of this auto-control system for which keys are:

  • Monitoring of risk factors (dioxins and heavy metals...) according to HACCP* principles;
  • Procedures for traceability and recall of our goods;
  • Audits by accredited external body.

Our Tampico plant also obtained in 2010 and 2011 the FAMI QS and GMP certifications. Our team in Baltimore currently begins its own certification on those same principles.

HACCP, GMP, and ISO: what characterizes our activity

A strong requirement of this guide of best practice is the continuous risk analysis. A so-called HACCP multidisciplinary team works in each plant to prevent any deviation from the receipt of the Comilog manganese ore to the choice of carriers of our approved additives (quarterly analysis meeting, training, visit field, internal-external audit, certification, exercise reminder, annual review).                                                                         

The vigilance and training of our HACCP team, sanctioned by auditors, are the best guarantee of producing healthy nutritional additives for animals and so healthy for people.