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The Specialties market encompasses many industries such as welding, metal treatment, fuel additives, dyes and fragrances, catalysis and organic chemicals, glass, and pigments.

Customers need high performance products and at times tailor-made formulations. As part of our proactive new product development focus, Prince Erachem has developed the widest range of manganese based chlorides, oxides, and nitrates and is open to collaborative relationships with customers to provide product solutions that meet any of their requirements. 

Catalyst intermediates
Dyes and Fragrances
Water Purification

Manganese based catalysts for chemical synthesis used in pharmaceuticals and for environmental protection, eliminating dangerous ozone, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).


MnO HP - Manganese Oxide High Purity - Serving the catalyst industry, for chemical synthesis and pharmaceutical applications, ERACHEM offers highly performing specialty products and unique MnO HP.


Mn(NO3)2 - Manganese Nitrate - is used for elimination of dangerous ozone, carbon monoxide and VOC. ERACHEM offers the highest quality Manganese specialties, with unique R&D and manufacturing process.
Supplied by our ERACHEM plant in Tertre (Belgium), with standard packaging of Bulk in tanktruck or 1MT container upon request.

To increase the effectiveness of dyes and fragrances, customers will use Prince Erachem's products to improve the manganese content, which acts as a mild and selective oxidant in converting alcohols to flavor.


MnO2 OG - Synthetic Manganese Dioxide Oxidation Grade - is mainly used in Dyes and Fragrances, in organic chemistry and serves as an oxidizing agent.
Supplied from our ERACHEM plant in Tertre (Belgium), with standard packaging of 50kg net weight PE drum on 600kg net weight shrinkwrapped pallet.


CMD - Chemical Manganese Dioxide - contains important quantity of Manganese needed to increase effectiveness of Dyes & Fragrances.
Supplied by our ERACHEM plant in Tertre (Belgium), with standard packaging of 25kg net weight multiply paperbags on 1000kg net weight shrinkwrapped pallet.

MnCl2 (Manganese Chloride)

MnCl2 (Manganese Chloride) can be used for several applications from agrochemicals to surface treatment. We manufacture MnCl2 (Manganese Chloride) at our Baltimore plant (Maryland, USA) and have several grades available: MnCl2 Prills (Manganese Chloride Prills) and MnCl2 Flakes (Manganese Chloride Flakes). Erachem MnCl2 (Manganese Chloride) is known as highly consistent and provides performance to industry pioneers. 

Manganese helps remove sulfide, heavy metals, and radioactive contaminants from water.