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Integrated in our continuous improvement strategy, we are constantly leading R&D projects in order to develop new products, high quality manufacturing processes, as well as working closely with our customers to target and address their needs, providing the best product for a best performance.

Thanks to trust-worthy relationships and intimacy with our clients, we are able to provide specific product characteristics, designed for various industries. We can underline the example of our Manganese Sulfate High Purity especially manufactured for the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries industry.

In-house R&D teams in Baltimore and Tertre

Our own in-house R&D team, based in Baltimore (USA) and Tertre (BE), plays a key role in our production and sales organization, especially by having many contacts with our customers for specific qualifications.

Sticking to this objective, fostering industrial performance and product innovation are two of our main goals.

Global R&D initiatives

Further to a laboratory work, our R&D team commits itself to always be proactive and responsive to any of our customers’ requirements, thus facilitating the different steps from a laboratory sample to an industrial sample, leading to a faster commercialization of our products.

We believe Manganese will remain one of the more used metals worldwide, and commit ourselves to explore new paths for product development and innovation.