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With over 30 years of expertise in creating high quality manganese products, Prince Erachem is the world leader in supplying manganese chemicals to numerous industries.

About Prince Erachem - The Global Leader in Manganese Chemicals

Thanks to 600 employees and its 5 international production sites, Prince Erachem is the leading supplier of manganese chemicals for a range of industrial applications including alkaline and lithium ion batteries, agrochemicals, electronics, copper recycling, and other specialty products. 


Global Innovation, Locally Delivered

Manganese chemicals play a key role in our daily life and are used in numerous industries:

  • they provide the required energy to power all devices using alkaline batteries
  • they are the basis of the lithium-ion battery materials
  • used in water remediation, in the welding industry, for dyes and fragrances, and in ferrites and electromagnets
  • they are also used in argochemicals to improve animal health, and fertilize and protect crop and plants.


Diversified Portfolio

With over 100 engineered products Prince Erachem proudly services the following markets: Primary Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries, Agrochemicals, Electronics and Specialties, and Copper Recycling. 




About Prince

Prince combines international sourcing and processing capabilities with in-depth customer knowledge, world-class engineering, and value-added distribution to deliver essential engineered solutions to diverse consumer and industrial markets. Our mission is to continue building a preeminent value-added manufacturing and distribution company across targeted industries based on customer support, technical expertise, and continual improvement of our facilities and capabilities.

Prince International Corporation was formed in 2003 as a portfolio company of Palladium Equity Partners with the acquisition of the Prince Manufacturing Company. Founded in 1858 by Robert Prince, Prince Manufacturing developed into the leading supplier of colorants and additives to the North American brick industry. In 2005, Prince Minerals acquired American Minerals from Imerys SA, adding a range of complementary products to serve the foundry, glass, and refractory markets. Since then, we have grown substantially through both business development and strategic acquisitions. Prince acquired the Erachem managanese chemicals business in December of 2016.

Today, Prince is a world class producer of engineered additives for niche applications and is a value-added processing intermediary between large global raw material suppliers and end-market customers. Prince specializes in sourcing, processing, and distributing products in over 20 markets.