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Among many other aspects, Performance plays a key role in our strategy. Not only because we have to deliver the best products, but also for being committed to provide high production standards, fitting our continuous improvement approach.

Manufacturing excellence

In order to reduce continuously our production costs while strengthening our product quality, we implement a Continuous Improvement policy. We improve production yields and energy efficiency thanks to a meticulous control of our production factors, and by the development and follow up of a large number of very precise indicators. We also increase capacity to achieve economies of scale. The perfect example could be our Chongzuo plant, where we doubled our production capacity to 25,000 tons/year in a short period of time, between 2009 and 2012.

New product development

Thanks to a strong customer intimacy, we understand our clients’ requirements, and develop with them either improved product specifications/performances and/or specific products.

We have a dedicated R&D team coming up with new solutions, adapted to a continuously changing environment. For example we recently developed a new MnSO4 for Agrochemicals application with low insoluble to reduce risks of spray nozzle plugging. We have also developed in the last two years a high purity MnSO4HP designed to answer the high performance li-ion battery requirements. This lithium-ion battery market is a key one for which we develop other salts and oxides (MnCO3 UF, Mn3O4LF…) for specific uses.

It is our aim to always push away the limits. We regularly work on ways and paths of improvement. This explains why we grew regularly in the last years and why we are now the leading Manganese based chemicals supplier.


Safety as common denominator

Safety for our employees has always come first, and it surely has a huge impact on production performance.

As proofs of our concern for bringing safety at the heart of our activity, we have met excellent results establishing a respectable TF1 (safety ratio in terms of incidents with or without lost days).