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HR Policy

Dynamic and innovative subsidiary of PRINCE, we constantly look for outstanding talents to reach ambitious growth objectives.

"What metal are you made of?"

We have at ERACHEM the ambition:

  • to recruit outstanding talents,
  • to protect our employees by putting safety at the heart of our policy,
  • to develop our employees’ skills thanks to an outstanding training strategy,

We have been strongly involved in diversifying our products & services offering which leads us to regularly seek new talents and outstanding personalities. Thanks to our international presence, we aim at increasing the number of our employees who are comfortable with working in a multi-cultural environment.

Pushing away everyone’s limits to improve quality of our collaboration

To reach our goals and realize our ambition, full commitment and high skills of our employees are critical. In order to insure our success, we have placed Training and Individual development at the heart of our Human Resources Policy.

Aiming at progress and success, we strongly believe in allowing our employees to benefit from training opportunities: working as project teams, we believe in giving our employees the opportunity to constantly push their limits and diversify their skills portfolio so as to have a significant impact on the quality of our collaboration. Developing our employees is one of our Human Resources policy’s pillars.

As an international and diversified company, we are committed to offer new challenges and opportunities to our employees, fitting our development strategy as well as their personal objectives. Thanks to our worldwide presence and our broad and diversified range of products, each of our team members is able to pursue the ambition of evolving in one of our other departments, or change his/her field of operations.

Furthermore, thanks to PRINCE global presence, additional opportunities for our employees are available at an international scale.