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Tertre, Belgium

Prince Erachem's Tertre plant produces manganese based chemicals designed for lithium-ion batteries, electronic and specialties and agrochemicals market. The Tertre plant also recycles copper spents from printed circuit boards. Its portfolio includes high purity manganese sulfates for lithium-ion batteries, numerous manganese salts and oxides, reduced manganese ore, and copper oxides and oxychlorides.

Product and Manufacturing Excellence

Ideally situated close to Antwerp, one of the largest European ports, the Tertre plant is close to its European and Asian customers for electronics and specialty high performance salts and oxides

Prince Erachem's Tertre facility has developed a broad portfolio of high quality manganese chemicals to meet the high standards of the electronics and lithium-ion batteries markets. Its state of the art, large capacity allows for production of numerous salts and oxides with a guaranty to supply the purest products in the market. 

Active in the highly demanding micronutrient for feed additive market, Prince Erachem's facilities are well versed in the manufacturing processes that require high traceability and implement recall approaches and HACCP procedures (hazard analysis critical control points), a system which identifies and control dangers linked to feed safety. The plant is ISO-9001 and GMP certified and the copper recycling unit is certified to the ISO-14001 standard.

The Tertre plant always strives for continuous improvement to ehnace its processes, optimize production, and advance quality and plant has developed processes which preserve natural resources (water, air, soil). Tertre also continuously develop ways to optimize yields and reduce energy consumption, protects its employees, and puts safety first. 

Research & Development Focus

At Tertre, Prince Erachem's R&D team is continually developing new product grades to suite the changing requirements of the lithium-ion battery market. For this specific industry, Tertre's R&D team has developed a new high purity manganese sulfate specifically suited to produce lithium-NMC hydroxide (Nickel Manganese Cobalt), a key raw material for lithium-ion batteries used in portable devices and electric or hybrid vehicles.

The team also works to develop new manganese salts specifically designed to address the very stringent requirements of high performance, new generation LiMn2O4 (LMO- Lithium Manganese Oxide) used in portable and automotive batteries.