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Conveniently located close to the port of Altamira in the Northeast part of Mexico, the ERACHEM Tampico plant produces high quality Manganese micronutrients and derivatives for the Americas and European agrochemicals markets.

The Tampico plant produces Tecmangam®, a high quality Manganese sulfate (MnSO4) specifically designed to fit the stringent requirements of feed and fertilizer producers. The Tampico plant also manufactures ALMA®, MnO60 Manganous oxide designed to be a micronutrient for feed application. These products are available in bulk, 1 MT big bags or 25 Kg bags.

Tampico’s proximity to the port of Altamira and rail service allows easy export of high quality Tecmangam® and ALMA® to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

GMP, HACCP, FAMI-QS for Quality and Traceability of our products

Tampico serves the high quality segment of the feed and fertilizer industry, thus is concentrating its production in high traceability Tecmangam® and ALMA®. Its state of art large production facility yields ever increasing high quality products. Active in the highly demanding micronutrient for feed additive market, the plant uses “Good manufacturing processes”, high traceability and recall approaches as well as the  “HACCP” method  i.e. “hazard analysis critical control points” a system which identifies and  control dangers linked to feed safety. The plant is ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and FAMI QS certified.

The Tampico plant uses the continuous improvement approach of the ERACHEM Group which recently led to a capacity increase to 35,000 tons/year. Regular improvements of our processes and organization facilitate production optimization, cost reduction and continuous quality.

Listening to our customers’ needs thanks to team work with sales and R&D, the Tampico plant developed an improved MnSO4 quality with reduced insoluble and strongly reduced turbidity, a quality which reduces the risks of spray nozzle plugging.


One of the largest Manganese Sulfate capacity, serving the Americas

Our Tampico plant is the largest MnSO4 plant in the world with production capacity reaching 35,000 tons/year. Its large mono product high quality capacity allows continuous and cost competitive production.

In line with the sustainable development approach of the group, the Tampico plant has developed processes which control and reduce air and water emissions, and continuously develop ways to reduce energy consumption. The plant utilizes of one of the highest manganese containing ore in the world which is a great advantage to limit by-product emission, heavy metals and other impurities.


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