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New Johnsonville (TN), USA

Our plant of New Johnsonville (Tennessee, USA) is dedicated to the production of Electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) used as cathode for high quality Alkaline batteries. ERACHEM New Johnsonville is the largest North American EMD producer.

Proximity with primary batteries leading manufacturers

Ideally situated to serve US alkaline battery manufacturers, the plant of New Johnsonville can supply in truck, rail, barge or container ships. Its geographical position is also a strong asset as electricity, a key component of EMD, is abundant and its distribution reliable in this state of Tennessee.

New Johnsonville has developed several high-quality EMD grades aimed at supplying different requirements of the most demanding world battery manufacturers. Its state of the art facility uses an advanced distributed control system which yields ever growing consistent high quality products.

The New Johnsonville plant implements the continuous improvement approach of the ERACHEM Group.  It has led to regular EMD capacity increases to answer the growing demand from local battery manufacturers for reliable domestic EMD supplies. New Johnsonville continuously develops ways to optimize yields and reduce energy consumption. It also develops programs to continuously improve quality and further reduce impurities.

We have developed new grades to answer evolving needs of the battery industry. The new Z100 EMD or more recently the EAB range have been developed to answer needs of specific segments of the battery markets.

New Johnsonville offers reliable EMD supplies. This reliability is also insured by very stringent maintenance standards which allow uninterrupted supplies.

Reliability, Quality, and Manufacturing Excellence

With an annual output of 30,000 tons/year, our New Johnsonville plant is the largest North American EMD facility and one of the largest ones worldwide.

In line with the sustainable development approach of the Group, The New Johnsonville plant has developed processes which control and reduce air and water emissions, while continuously developing ways to optimize yields and reduce energy consumption.

Our New Johnsonville facility is ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified.