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The ERACHEM plant of Chongzuo is dedicated to the production of Electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) used as cathode for high quality alkaline batteries or for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Chongzuo: ideal location, new Manganese greenfield

Ideally situated in the province of Guangxi, Southwest of China, the plant is close to an important rail and road hub to serve all regions of China and only 150km from the ocean and the port of Fangchen to serve overseas customers. This proximity to a deep sea port is a great asset to import efficiently large quantities of Gabonese manganese ore. Its geographical position is also a strong asset as electricity, a key component of EMD, is abundant and its distribution reliable in the province of Guangxi. Our strong and stable relationships with Guangxi government officials allows the Chongzuo plant to be part of important projects aimed at developing Manganese activity in the Guangxi province.

ERACHEM Chongzuo is committed to high quality and high performance products and has developed different grades to answer needs of the most demanding Chinese and world battery manufacturers. Its state of the art facility uses a large number of control systems and indicators to yield consistently high quality products. Chongzuo not only offers very stringent specifications and high consistency of production but also top of the class EMD in terms of discharge performances. This is a key advantage for high drain battery usages. This is done in compliance with ERACHEM high quality standards and international quality standards per our ISO 9001 certification.

Broad range of products, specific EMD grades

The Chongzuo plant implements the continuous improvement approach of the ERACHEM Group. It led to regular EMD capacity increases to answer growing demand from Chinese, Asian and European battery manufacturers. Chongzuo continuously develops ways to optimize yields and reduce energy consumption, with the assistance of the ERACHEM global process and R&D team. It also develops programs to continuously improve quality.

The GK-A, GK-B or more recently the GK-S EMD has been developed to answer needs of specific segments of the battery marketsChongzuo is also working in project teams with sales, R&D and global process personnel to develop grades that will answer any new requirements of the lithium-ion batteries industry (low Fe, specific particule size distribution, low alkali contents etc…

Chongzuo offers top of the class reliable EMD supplies.

Our Chongzuo plant is one of the largest EMD plant in the world with production capacity soon to be 25,000 tons/year.

In line with the sustainable development approach of the group, the Chongzuo plant has developed top of the class sustainability processes in order to preserve natural resources (water, air and soil). As such all the water used in our manufacturing process is put back in the river cleaner than when it was drawn from it. Our Chongzuo facility also develops ways to optimize yields and reduce energy consumption.