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Baltimore (MD), USA

Prince Erachem's Baltimore plant produces manganese chemical derivatives designed for Specialties and Electronics applications, as well as for the Agrochemicals industry. The plant's portfolio includes high purity oxides, anhydrous salts, specialty metallurgical products, and reduced ore.

Ideally situated close to key US markets, the plant also benefits from its proximity to Baltimore's international port facilities, allowing easy exports of Specialty high performance salts and oxides throughout the world, especially towards Asia.

Product and Manufacturing Excellence

Prince Erachem's Baltimore plant has developed a broad portfolio of high quality chemical grade products that meet the very stringent requirements of the electronics, specialty chemicals and catalyst markets. Its state of the art, multipurpose, custom manufacturing facilities allow production of numerous high purity salt and oxide products. 

The Baltimore plant always strives for continuous improvement to ehnace its processes, optimize production, and advance quality. 

The plant is ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified.

Research & Development Focus

Our in-house R&D laboratory develops tailor-made products and grades for varying customer needs. We are currently involved in important development projects in the lithium-ion battery industry with ultra-fine Manganese carbonates, in the water treatment domain with very efficient manganese dioxides which absorb toxic substances, and also high surface area manganese dioxides geared towards organic chemical markets.

Further to these ongoing developments, we commit ourselves to be the most active manganese chemicals supplier, producing Mn-based chemicals for tomorrow.

Baltimore offers top of the class reliable manganese chemicals supplies. This reliability is also insured by stringent maintenance standards which allow uninterrupted supplies. In addition, this ore is naturally low in heavy metals and other impurities.

In line with Prince Erachem's sustainable development approach, the Baltimore plant has developed processes which preserve natural resources (water, air, soil). Baltimore also continuously develops ways to optimize yields and reduce energy consumption. We protect and develop our employees, putting safety first. Thus the plant has not suffered from any accident with lost workdays for over three years.