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ERACHEM serves the Electronics industry especially by manufacturing high quality Mn3O4 (Mangano Manganic Oxide) used in nanoscales applications, ferrites and soft ferrites applications.Our Mn3O4 (Mangano Manganic Oxide) is manufactured at Tertre, our Belgium facility. Aside for this product, we have the widest range of Manganese derivatives (Manganese Nitrates, Manganese Dioxides, Manganese Oxides) sometimes tailor made that are particularly suitable for highly demanding applications in terms of purity and consistency.

Nanoscale applications require the best

Electronic miniaturization requires consistent high quality raw materials. Even subtle variations in particle shape or chemical composition can dramatically affect electrical properties and the reliability of finished parts.

The widest range of Manganese based solutions, worldwide

ERACHEM has developed the highest expertise in this domain at two industrial sites located in Baltimore (USA) and Tertre (Belgium). ERACHEM offers the widest range of solutions worldwide.

Our Baltimore (USA) establishment satisfies the needs of world tantalum capacitor manufacturers, through manufacturing and sale of three Manganese concentrations of high purity manganese nitrate solutions, as well as manganese dioxide with highly controlled particle size.

From Nitrate to Dioxide, serving the Electronic industry

Baltimore (USA) also provides extremely pure salts such as Mn2O3 HPX, MnO2 HPX and MnCO3 UF with well characterized particle size distributions, in order to serve the needs of Multilayer capacitors, ZnO varistors, and NTC thermistor manufacturers.

Tertre (BEL) provides high purity Mn3O4 LH (Mangano Manganic Oxide) specifically designed to meet the electrical expectations of Iron Manganese Zinc and Iron Nickel Zinc soft ferrites manufacturers.


Mn2O3 HPX - Manganese Sesquioxide, is mainly used in Thermistors, ferrites and specialty glasses applications.
Supplied by our ERACHEM Baltimore plant, with standard packaging of 200 lbs. net weight multi-wall fiber drums on pallet or 1800 lbs. net weight per pallet.


MnO2 HPX - Manganese dioxide - is a high purity manganese compound miled to micron size, for production of high quality ferrites and thermistors.
Supplied by our ERACHEM Baltimore plant, with standard packaging of 200 lbs. net weight fiber drums on pallets or 1800 lbs. net weight per pallet.

MnCO3 UF (E)

MnCO3 UF - Manganese carbonate - for electronic applications, especially high performance electronic ceramics and pigments.
Supplied by our ERACHEM Baltimore plant, with standard packaging of 250 lbs. net weight fiber drums on pallets or 1000 lbs. net weight per pallet.


Mn3O4 - Manganous Manganic Oxide - serving the electronics industry and especially high quality Mn-Zn soft ferrites and high permeability ferrites.
Supplied by our ERACHEM Tertre plant, with standard packaging of 25 kg net weight multiply paperbags stowed on 1000 kg net weight shrinkwrapped or 1 metric ton weight big bag on pallet.