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Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide

In today's alkaline and lithium ion batteries, electrolytic manganese dioxide (or EMD) is a critical component of the battery cathode mix. As such, improvements in cell performance often rely on improvements in raw materials.

 Prince Erahcem's Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide

Specifically designed for high performance alkaline dry cell batteries, Prince Erachem's EMD is a high activity gamma MnO2 with excellent particle size distribution, low metallic impurities, and outstanding electrochemical properties.

Prince Erachem understands that the primary battery market is a very competitive industry - alkaline and lithium ion battery manufacturers are working at higher production speed to increase productivity and reduce cost - amd that battery manufacturers need high consistently high quality raw materials to insure smooth production on their high speed lines. Prince Erachem has optimized production processes and very stringent production controls and scorecards to insure the highest EMD product consistency. Prince Erachem's EMD products are also well suited for cathode mix in bulk energy storage and energy management for portable power and integrating solar and wind renewable energy.

Global production

Our operations in New Johnsonville (TN), USA and Chongzuo, China have the capacity to produce an annual output of 55,000 tons/year of EMD enabeling Prince Erachem to be a global leader in high performance EMD production with supply to customers all over the world.

Prince Erachem is committed to meet and exceed market requirements and works with customers across the globe to engineer the highest quality products to meet varying needs.

In addition to EMD, Prince Erachem also engineers a natural manganese dioxide (NMD), for zinc-carbon batteries manufacturers.

AA, AAA, C&D, 9V
High performance

Having been a long-term supplier to the primary battery industry, Prince Erachem's manganese-based products are used in AA, AAA, C&D and 9 volt batteries. These customers require high consistency and significant production units, which is why Prince Erachem strives to be the most reliable EMD supplier.

EAB 111

EAB 111 is the main raw material for primary batteries. It features high consistency, and is used by the industry pioneers in the US, mainly. Our New Johnsonville plant is the largest North-American EMD production facility.


K-60 is the historical basic raw material for alkaline batteries. Our New Johnsonville plant has been supplyng K-60 for years, but is now allocating more volumes to EAB 111 which is a highly performing products, in line with evolving customer requirements.  

Specifically designed for high performance batteries, and in order to improve our customers' manufacturing process: exceeding customers' expectations at all times.


Z-100 is a relatively new EMD grade, specifically designed for high performance products. It enhances battery quality and performance, as well as improving our customers' manufacturing process.

Prince Erachem's GK-series product range offers multiple grades and particle size distribution for specific customer requirements.


Our Chongzuo production facility focuses on providing high quality products meeting stringent customers requirements. Our GK-Series is a proof-of-concept of our ability to design tailor-made products, with different particle size distribution for specific demand.