Tecmangam® MnSO4

MnSO4 Tecmangam

MnSO4 "Tecmangam®" - Manganese Sulfate - is manufactured at our Tampico plant, which is the America's largest MnSO4 production facility. Our Tecmangam®trademark is designed for the feed and fertilizers industry, following FAMI-QS principles as well as ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications.
Supplied by our ERACHEM Tampico plant, with standard packaging of 25 kg. net weight bags stowed and shrink wrapped on 1,000 kg net weight four-way wooden pallet; 1,000 kg. net weight big bags on four-way wooden pallet; or wooden pallets comply with ISPM15.


TECMANGAM is registered trademarks. See http://www.erachem.com/en/profile#trademarks for details.