ERACHEM at EuroTier: We Bring Manganese Performance to Life(SM)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Erachem is pleased to exhibit at EuroTier (Booth C13, Hall 20), November 15th to 18th in Hanover, Germany. EuroTier is considered the world’s leading venue for the animal production industry.

Erachem is the world’s leader in manganese chemicals: the largest producer of manganese oxide and manganese sulfate for animal nutrition, with manufacturing in Belgium, in Mexico, and in the US. We bring manganese performance to lifeSM literally; and we will demonstrate how, at the trade fair.

Erachem’s ALMA (manganous oxide) is foremost in the industry for its high bioavailability. This is the consequence of its design: a low content of inert oxides coupled with small-sized active particles of large specific surface areas. And our TECMANGAM (manganese sulfate) leads the industry in value because we guarantee 32% manganese level with a wide range of sizes, tailored for each application.

TECMANGAM’s unique production process guarantees consistently lower heavy metals than many of its competitors. Our TECMANGAM products are easy to handle and resistant to clumping.

For those who produce chelated manganese products, we have the right manganese precursor for your processing needs:

  • ALMA – a manganous oxide derived from natural ore;
  • TECMANGAM – a family of manganese sulfate products with just the right physical attributes;
  • Specialized fine chemicals, such as a high-purity manganese carbonate or a high-purity manganese oxide.

With Erachem’s strong research and development efforts of manganese-providing products, its industry-leading production methods, stringent quality control, and sustainable manufacturing processes, customers are assured of a consistently fine product.

We invite you to visit Erachem at EuroTier this November to learn how we bring manganese performance to lifeSM.

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