COC - Copper Oxychloride - is a technical raw material for the fungicide and pesticide industry. Manufactured by our ERACHEM Tertre plant.

Guatanteed specifications
Cu                                                57 % min.
H2O (120 °C)                             2,0 % max.
Cu (water soluble)                    0,57 % max.
Cl- (water soluble as NaCl)    2,0 % max.
Pb                                                285 ppm max.
As                                                57 ppm max.
Cd                                               57 ppm max.

Standard packaging
- 1MT big bag stowed on 1000 kg net weight one-way wooden shrinkwrapped pallet with ERACHEM label.
- One ton big bags on one-way wooden shrinkwrapped pallet with ERACHEM  label.